People take risks!
And risk-taking can lead to accidents

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The FISH Safety Foundation offers a suite of specialist safety and risk training and accompanying consultancy services for the commercial fishing industry.

This training and consultancy is focused on providing owners, skippers and crew with advanced skills in human factors, risk and safety management practice, accident investigation and safety management.

It is now generally accepted in the safety fraternity that we’ve reached the stage in the evolution of safety where we need to focus on the human element. After all, most of the vessel and operational safety issues have been tackled. Technology has revolutionized the workplace and safety standards have benefited tremendously from this. But when we consider people working in safety-sensitive or safety-critical industries like fishing there is still much work to be done.

People take risks! - And risk-taking can lead to accidents

We know that to survive and expand in a very competitive world market, all possible steps need to be taken to prevent losses. However, whenever safety is discussed, it is not long before somebody produces a statistic showing that most accidents in industry are caused by ‘human error’. This phrase gives an impression of inevitability. We are told that “accidents will happen”, or that “anyone can make a mistake” or “to err is human”. Suggestions that anything can be done to correct this situation are often dismissed with the defeatist adage that “you can’t change human nature”.

Or can we?


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