Delivering enduring safety improvements through proper Safety Management Systems

Safety Management Systems

In response to the clear risk-focused approach advocated by the Work in Fishing Convention, the FISH Safety Foundation has developed a practical risk-based Safety Management System for the industry.

The crewSAFE Program provides an effective framework to enable a systematic safety management program to be implemented onboard fishing vessels.

The program includes a practical set of guidelines developed around a risk-based approach to safety – providing an easily followed path to implementation.

crewSAFE Safety Management Program Training

crewSAFE is a risk-based, index-rating Safety Management Program, designed to provide an effective framework to enable a systematic Safety Management System (SMS) to be implemented on board.

This program requires management commitment (onboard and ashore), drive and visible involvement to support implementation, combined with employee participation and involvement to ensure success. It provides the processes required which seek to identify key risk areas and deal with these as well as generate immediate visible improvement on the vessel. As a result, the program produces actions which can be effectively audited and graded. This provides a means of sustaining and improving the quality of outcomes, and also leads to a positive culture of safety being generated.


The workshop will work through the entire crewSAFE Program, and show how implementation can be easily and effectively undertaken. This approach complements the “Think Safety” philosophy by providing a method to “Do Safety” as well.

Workshop material includes:

  • A comprehensive Standards Manual with an objective index-rating Audit Protocol
  • The necessary Implementation Package (documentation, registers, checklists, etc)
  • Promotional Material to launch the program on board
  • Where practical, delegates will also have an opportunity to apply their knowledge immediately by means of a practical Hazard Identification exercise on board. If required, the results of this can be incorporated in a report (complete with photographs) provided to the organisation after completion of the workshop.

Target Audience

Targeted towards fishing safety professionals ashore, as well as onboard personnel.


2 days

Interested in implementing crewSAFE?

We can provide bespoke driven crewSAFE  training and consultancy for your business.

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Safety Management Systems

Delivering enduring safety improvements through proper Safety Management Systems

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