Darren Mitchell

Project Manager / Trustee


Darren has vast experience within the employment relations and labour law consultancy areas in advisory roles, and as a trainer and facilitator. This includes work in collective bargaining, dispute and grievance resolution, and guidance on the implementation of labour law and safety obligations and processes. He has also worked in the areas of human resource and compliance management.

For the FISH Safety Foundation (FSF), Darren has worked on and project managed fishing safety intervention projects in the Philippines, Bangladesh, the Pacific Islands, East Africa and Sri Lanka. These projects involved liaising with in-country project partners and local communities to conduct research into local fishing industry conditions, and the design and implementation of safety training programmes for small scale fishers.

Darren recognises the increasingly important connection between safe and sustainable fishing operations and human rights at sea. Through his work with the FSF, Darren has been able to draw on his previous professional experience to work on projects designed to improve the wellbeing of fishers and their communities. This includes FSF’s involvement in the global efforts to have countries ratify international conventions that place restrictions on IUU fishing activities and provide safety and labour standards for fishers who work at sea.

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Train the Trainer, Safety at Sea Training Implemented in Sri Lanka

The training was facilitated by Darren Mitchell of FSF and held with 26 participants from the Department of Fisheries and Ocean University, Sri Lanka.
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Kapiti Island, New Zealand
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