Japan boasts a rich fishing heritage and is renowned as one of the world's major fishing nations. With its extensive coastline and abundant marine resources, fishing plays a vital role in Japan's economy, culture, and culinary traditions.
A fisherman works on his boat in the port of Shikabe, Hokkaido, Japan


When comparing the safety aspect of Japanese fishermen to other countries, it is crucial to consider the context. While each country has its own unique challenges and regulatory frameworks, Japan has been recognised for its commitment to enhancing fishing safety. The government has established stringent safety guidelines, mandatory training programs, and regular inspections for fishing vessels. Additionally, Japan has introduced initiatives to promote a safety culture within the industry, encouraging fishermen to prioritise their well-being through safety protocols and equipment.

Comprehensive approach to safety

Japan benefits from a comprehensive approach to safety. Through robust regulations, technological advancements, and a focus on cultivating a safety culture, Japan strives to ensure the well-being of its fishermen and maintain high standards.

Overfishing and environmental concerns

As demand for seafood continues to rise, sustainable fishing practices have become a priority for Japan. Efforts are being made to balance the preservation of fish stocks with the need for economic livelihoods, ensuring a sustainable future for Japan's fishing industry.

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A Japanese fisherman sorts lines and nets in a small harbour in Muira, Kanagawa, Japan

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