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FISH Safety Foundation

Improving Health & Safety in the Fishing Industry

The FISH Safety Foundation is a Registered Charitable Trust dedicated to improving Health & Safety outcomes across the International Fishing Industry. The Foundation was established as the result of over 20 years of work, training and research within the maritime sector.

The Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation engaged in safety promotion, research, advocacy, education, lobbying and publishing services. We are dedicated to improving health & safety standards in the global Fishing Industry – an industry recognised as the most hazardous in the World.

When we talk of safety, we mean safety from work-related physical harm or death, safety from preventable illness and disease, and safety from exploitation – very simply, safety from the abuse of basic human rights, whatever form that takes.



Based on our industry experience developing and implementing safety management systems over the past 25 years, we have launched a new initiative.

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31 minutes ago

FISH Safety Foundation

Wear a lifejacket or Wear the consequences!
For tips on picking the best one for you - read more here:
#FISHSafetyFoundation #StaySAFEOutThere #WearIt
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Wear a lifejacket or Wear the consequences!
For tips on picking the best one for you - read more here:
#FISHSafetyFoundation #StaySAFEOutThere #WearIt

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Occupational Health in Commercial Fishing

101 Ways to Die

Many of the dangers associated with fishing are well-known. Trips, slips and falls, getting caught in machinery and falling overboard are all documented – but what about the occupational health impacts that are often associated with the profession?

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