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In South Korea, fishing safety remains a significant concern for fishermen. The two main issues revolve around vessel stability and inadequate safety equipment, both of which can pose serious risks to the lives and well-being of the fishermen.
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The lack of safety measures and proper equipment, coupled with inadequate training, often exposes fishers to hazardous conditions and accidents at sea. Incidents such as boat capsizing, injuries caused by fishing equipment, and even loss of life are unfortunately prevalent.

Availability of safety equipment

Another significant concern is the lack of comprehensive safety regulations and enforcement. While there are existing regulations in place, their effectiveness and strict implementation remain areas of improvement. Enhancing safety standards and ensuring compliance with regulations can significantly reduce the risk factors associated with fishing operations.

Limited training and awareness

Inadequate training and awareness programs for fishermen compound the safety issues. Providing proper education on safe practices, emergency response protocols, and the use of personal protective equipment would empower fishermen to mitigate risks effectively.

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We are dedicated to fostering collaboration with South Korea to enhance fishing safety and promote sustainable development in the industry

Innovative Capfish Project: WMU in Busan, South Korea

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the FISH Safety Foundation (FSF) have recently successfully implemented Train the Trainer, Safety at Sea training in Kenya and Mauritius.
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