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Our goal
Through rigorous research, we aim to uncover the social challenges that arise within this industry and develop effective solutions. By addressing these challenges head-on, we can improve the lives of individuals involved in fishing and foster stronger, more resilient communities.
Fishermen with a cast net in the South China Sea near Key, Kampot, Cambodia

Our Focus

Our research strategy is dedicated to understanding the social dimensions of safety in the fishing industry. We recognise that safety goes beyond physical well-being; it also encompasses the social well-being of fishermen and their families.

By conducting both quantitative and qualitative research on prevalent social issues in fishing, with a specific emphasis on fisher safety and the underlying factors contributing to these challenges, a comprehensive viewpoint can be attained. This approach allows for an understanding of the combined effects of climate change, governance, IUU (Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated fishing), and sustainability.

Social Challenges

We understand that the fishing industry faces numerous challenges related to labor rights, working conditions, gender equality, and community development, among others. Through our research, we delve deep into these topics, examining the current state of affairs, identifying key trends and their implications, and proposing practical solutions. Our service assists stakeholders in making informed decisions, implementing effective policies, and promoting sustainable practices that address social challenges and contribute to the overall well-being of the fishing industry and its communities

Using Data to Make a Difference

Through rigorous data analysis, we identify key patterns and trends that help us develop effective strategies to address these challenges. By leveraging data, we can gain a deeper understanding of the underlying causes and consequences of social issues in the fishing industry. This enables us to provide evidence-based recommendations and solutions that can drive positive change and promote sustainable practices within the industry.

Featured Work

Explore the Featured Research Work by the FISH Safety Foundation

Triggering Death - Quantifying The True Human Cost of Global Fishing

Every year, the global fishing sector witnesses a tragic loss of more than 100,000 lives. This staggering number serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by those who brave the open seas in pursuit of their livelihoods.
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The Human Cost of Fishing - What we know so far - South Africa

South Africa played host to a significant research event organised by the PEW Charitable Trusts. This event provided a platform for the FISH Safety Foundation to present their groundbreaking research titled "The Human Cost of Fishing."
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