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We specialise in transforming key safety concepts into visually engaging characters that effectively communicate ideas, eliminating the need for excessive or limited use of words. By doing so, we are able to transcend cultural norms and achieve maximum impact.

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What we do

When it comes to creating safety images, thorough research and careful planning are essential steps in the process. Our team begins by conducting extensive research on the topic at hand, ensuring a deep understanding of the safety guidelines, regulations, and best practices relevant to the concept. This research helps us identify potential hazards, risks, and key messages that need to be communicated effectively through visuals. We also analyse existing safety images and materials to gain insights into what works well and what can be improved.

Enhancing Visual Representation Across Various Social Platforms

Effective Safety Concepts Crafted to Convey Purpose

Featured Work

We are dedicated to enhancing visual concept safety outcomes by utilising impactful illustrations in collaboration with organisations around the world.

Safety at Sea Essentials

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization in creating a comprehensive series of 13 Safety Awareness posters specially designed for small-scale fishers.
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Prioritising Safety: Thinking vs Doing - Are You Taking Action?

Once we have a solid understanding of the subject matter, we begin the planning phase. This involves brainstorming ideas, sketching rough concepts, and refining them based on feedback and input from relevant stakeholders. Throughout this process, we prioritise clarity, simplicity, and visual impact to ensure that our safety images effectively convey their intended message and help promote a safe environment for all.

Global Visual Concepts: Our Collaborative Work Across Continents


Our goal was to empower Bangladesh fishers with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate their work environment safely.


Illustrations designed to effectively communicate safety procedures and guidelines, ensuring a visually engaging and informative training experience.

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