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Capacity Building & Accident Reporting

FISH Safety Foundation, with funding from the FAO, embarked on two significant projects in the Caribbean region. The first project involved enhancing the skills and knowledge of fishers through the development of comprehensive training materials. The second project centered around establishing an effective accident reporting system for the entire region.

These projects were not only extended but expanded their scope to encompass Saint Lucia. The primary objective was to bolster the existing legislative framework, ensuring that it is robust and capable of addressing the specific safety needs of the fishing industry in Saint Lucia.
A Caribbean fisher in Saint Lucia organising his nets.

Outputs achieved

  • A fisheries safety at sea baseline survey report
  • A draft MoU in support of implementation of the accident and fatality reporting system in Saint Lucia
  • Awareness raising materials for fishers on why accident and fatality reporting is important and how to do so
  • A review of the legal framework related to safety at sea and draft regulations
  • TORs for a safety training
  • Finalized and tested safety at sea training materials for training of fishers in Saint Lucia

Insights from 100 Fishers

Safety at sea – Baseline survey report - This report summarised the findings of a fisheries safety at sea baseline survey carried out in Saint Lucia. The baseline survey investigated the safety practices, attitudes and legislative understanding among a selected group of 100 fishers in Saint Lucia. The survey methodology was developed and managed by the FISH Safety Foundation and FAO.

The survey was implemented in 2020 by the Department of Fisheries of Saint Lucia, FSF and FAO and the findings were disseminated and used for fishers’ safety training in 2021.

The fisheries accident management process: Guidelines for competent authorities

This circular describes the fisheries accident management process. It contains guidelines for national agencies (competent authorities) involved in fisheries accident investigations. It provides competent authorities and their investigators with a structured approach to meeting their legislative requirements to record, investigate, analyse, and report on accidents in the fishing sector.

These guidelines are based on international standards, models and lessons learned from various countries where similar accident management processes are in use. The draft guidelines were discussed and finalized at a Train the Trainer workshop on safety at sea for small-scale fishers in the Caribbean, which was attended by 30 professionals on safety at sea and fisheries from seven Caribbean countries and was held in Castries, Saint Lucia in January 2020.

Accident Reporting Trial App

The trial period yielded exceptional results, with fishers expressing their appreciation for the app's simplicity and effectiveness. We emphasised the importance of reporting any safety concerns or incidents promptly. FISH Safety Foundation witnessed a significant increase in accident reporting, enabling local authorities to gain valuable insights into the most common types of incidents occurring in Saint Lucia. This data will be instrumental in developing targeted safety initiatives and implementing preventive measures to mitigate risks.

Safety Awareness Training Material

We have also developed a trainers' resource (capacity building) portal for the Caribbean. If you would like to view the portal, please get in contact.

For this portal we took the standard FAO “Safety at Sea for Small-scale Fishers” http://www.fao.org/documents/card/en/c/ca5772en and developed a Caribbean version (with emphasis on their operations – more specific content and different graphics) – available on the trainer resource http://www.fao.org/voluntary- guidelines-small-scale-fisheries/resources/detail/en/c/1279350/

Key Safety Awarness Campaign Material developed for the Department of Fisheries & FAO
Fishing boats on the beach Saint Lucia

We developed a PowerPoint package around this book – with Caribbean imagery, etc. In addition, we developed a number of ‘specialist’ courses (where we felt more attention was needed). To each course we added a number of resources, trainers notes, etc. for trainers to pick from as needed.

Key Contacts
Derek Archer
Associate - Caribbean
Eric Holliday
Chief Executive

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Accident Reporting App - Public Service Announcement

The public service announcement was a key deliverable in Saint Lucia focused on accident reporting. The video highlights the importance of promptly reporting accidents to ensure quick assistance and support for those involved in the incident. It emphasises that by using the FISHER app, individuals can easily report accidents directly to relevant authorities, providing crucial details such as location and description of the incident.

Our Efforts

FISH Safety Foundation, through the kind support of the FAO, enhanced safety practices within the fishing industry of Saint Lucia enhancing the well-being of local fishermen. By providing valuable safety training programs and creating key educational material, the foundation has been instrumental in equipping fishermen with the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure their safety at sea.

Looking ahead, the foundation intends to build upon our achievements by continuously improving and expanding initiatives, fostering a culture of safety within the fishing community of Saint Lucia.

Caribbean fishers in Saint Lucia working together.

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