Our Story

FISH Safety Foundation (FSF) is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to improving health and safety outcomes in the global fishing sector.

Fishing Trawler in rough seas, South Coast, Iceland

Our Story


With a strong commitment to promoting safety and well-being in the fishing industry, the foundation aims to address the various challenges faced by fishermen across the globe.

Eric Holliday, a visionary leader with vast experience in the fishing industry, recognized the need for a dedicated platform to prioritise safety within this sector. Drawing inspiration from his own personal encounters and observations, he established the FISH Safety Foundation as a means to support fishermen in their pursuit of safer working conditions.

The primary objective of the FISH Safety Foundation is to foster a culture of safety awareness, education, and innovation within the fishing industry. Through various initiatives and programs, the foundation aims to provide fishermen with the necessary knowledge, skills, and resources to mitigate risks and prevent accidents at sea.

In addition to safety training and education, FISH Safety Foundation also collaborates with industry stakeholders, government bodies, and international organisations to advocate for improved safety standards and regulations. By actively engaging with key players in the fishing industry, the foundation seeks to effect positive change on a global scale.

Overall, the FISH Safety Foundation's dedication to enhancing safety within the fishing industry demonstrates its commitment to ensuring that fishermen can pursue their livelihoods in a secure environment. 

Fisherman trawler fishing boat Portsmouth Harbour Hampshire UK
Fisherman playing cards on their Boat in Jayapura, Indonesia.
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