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Artificial Intelligence Voice Reporting Tool developed by Technology FISH Safety Foundation

FISH Safety Foundation and Parloa's AI Voice Reporting MVP is a trial initiative that aims to bridge the communication gap faced by illiterate fishers when reporting accidents.
Peter Williams
Head of Technology

Illiteracy among fishers poses a significant barrier when it comes to accurately reporting accidents and incidents that occur at sea. Traditional reporting methods often require written forms, which can be challenging for those who cannot read or write. This limitation hinders accurate data collection and subsequently affects the implementation of effective safety measures.

By leveraging voice recognition technology and artificial intelligence, this MVP empowers fishers to report incidents using their spoken words instead of relying on written reports.

How it works:

Using a simple voice interface, fishers can describe the accident or incident in their own language. The AI program then processes the audio input, recognises keywords related to the incident, and translates them into text. This text is then automatically populated into our accident database management system, FISHER, ensuring accurate and efficient reporting.

Key Achievements:

During the trial phase of the AI Voice Reporting MVP, significant achievements were made in assisting illiterate fishers with accident reporting. Some notable outcomes include:

  1. Improved accessibility: By enabling illiterate fishers to report accidents using their voice, this initiative removes barriers that could hinder the reporting process.
  2. Accurate keyword translation: The AI program successfully recognises relevant keywords from the audio input and accurately translates them into text. This ensures that essential information is captured efficiently.
  3. Streamlined reporting process: The automated population of incident data into the accident database management system reduces manual entry errors and saves valuable time for fishers and safety personnel.
  4. Enhanced safety awareness: The AI Voice Reporting MVP serves as a catalyst for raising safety awareness among fishers. By simplifying the reporting process, it encourages better incident documentation, analysis, and prevention.

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