Fishermen carrying fishing nets - Bay of Bengal

BOBP-IGO and FSF to strengthen accident reporting in Marine Fisheries

Working in fisheries is one of the riskiest occupations in the world with over 100 000 deaths annually. However, systematic accident reporting remains a challenge, especially in developing countries and the small-scale fisheries sector such as the Bay of Bengal region.
Eric Holliday
Chief Executive

BAY Of Bengal Programme Intergovernmental Organisation (BOBP-IGO) and the FISH Safety Foundation (FSF) have entered into an MOU to develop an accident data management system for improving the reporting of accidents in the marine fisheries sector in this region. The collaboration will aid in building regional capacity for ensuring that incidents are diligently recorded, analyzed, and used as a basis for preventive measures in the future.

Dr P Krishnan (Director, BOBP-IGO) and Eric Holliday (CEO, FSF) signed the MOU at the end of August.The BOBP-IGO ( is specifically mandated to assist its member countries in improving the livelihood of small scale/artisanal fishers in the Bay of Bengal region. The current members of BOBP-IGO are Bangladesh, India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka, while Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Thailand are co-operating non-contracting parties.

Dr P Krishnan (Director, BOBP-IGO) and Eric Holliday (CEO, FSF) signed the MOU at the end of August.

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