The state of fishermen and their safety in Bangladesh is a matter of concern that requires attention and action. Fishing is a vital industry in Bangladesh, providing livelihoods for many individuals and contributing to the country's economy. However, the lack of safety measures and proper infrastructure in place puts fishermen at significant risk.
Rohingya, works for fishermen on the beach of Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh


Fishers in Bangladesh encounter a multitude of challenges that hinder their livelihoods and threaten the sustainability of the fishing industry. These problems encompass various aspects, ranging from environmental issues to economic and social constraints.

Safety Concerns

The fishing industry in Bangladesh poses numerous occupational hazards and safety concerns for fishermen. These brave individuals face a wide range of risks, including but not limited to dangerous weather conditions, lack of proper safety equipment, and limited access to emergency medical care. According to a study conducted by Hossain et al. (2017), the high incidence of accidents and injuries among fishermen highlights the urgent need for improved safety measures and regulations within the industry.

Overcrowded and Unsafe Fishing Boats

One of the primary reasons for the unsafe working conditions in Bangladesh's fishing industry is the prevalence of overcrowded and poorly maintained fishing boats. Due to economic pressures and lack of proper regulation enforcement, fishing vessels often exceed their safe carrying capacity, posing a significant risk to fishermen's lives. Research conducted by Rahman et al. (2018) emphasizes the urgent need for stricter regulations to ensure that fishing boats are properly maintained, adequately equipped with safety gear, and comply with international standards.

Access to Training and Emergency Services

Another critical aspect contributing to the unsafe nature of fishing in Bangladesh is the limited access to training programs and emergency response services for fishermen. Many fishermen lack proper training on basic safety procedures, such as first aid and fire prevention, which significantly increases their vulnerability to accidents and injuries. Additionally, the lack of readily available emergency response services, including search and rescue operations, hampers the timely assistance to distressed fishing vessels. Research by Ahmed et al. (2020) highlights the importance of investing in comprehensive training programs and improving emergency response infrastructure to enhance the safety of fishermen in Bangladesh.

Our Commitment to Bangladesh

We are playing a crucial role in Bangladesh by supporting fishers in enhancing their safety practices and ultimately improving their livelihoods. With a focus on promoting safety standards and providing essential training, the FISH Safety Foundation is making significant strides towards ensuring the well-being of fishers and enhancing their working conditions.

One of the primary objectives of the FISH Safety Foundation is to raise awareness among fishers about the importance of safety measures at sea. By organising workshops and training sessions, the FSF educates fishers on various aspects of safety, such as proper use of safety equipment, emergency response techniques, and understanding weather conditions. This knowledge equips fishers with the necessary skills to navigate potential risks and hazards while out at sea.

Featured Work

The exceptional impact we have made in improving lives and driving positive change within local communities.

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Fishing is not only a crucial livelihood for many Bangladeshis but also a dangerous occupation with numerous hazards. The FISH Safety Foundation understands the importance of addressing these risks and actively collaborates with various stakeholders, including fishing communities, government agencies, and non-profit organisations, to create a safer working environment.

FSF believes by fostering a culture of safety and promoting effective communication channels, we aim to ensure that Bangladesh fishermen can carry out their work while minimising the inherent dangers they face.

A fishermen paints his boat, Bangladesh


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Sazedul and Hasan are our dedicated individuals serving as Associates on the ground in Bangladesh. With their extensive knowledge and experience, they work tirelessly to raise awareness about the importance of safe practices, training fishermen, and advocating for improved regulations.
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