The state of fishermen in Caribbean nations is often challenging due to various factors. They face risks such as unpredictable weather conditions, limited access to safety resources, and limited access to modern equipment and technology.
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Safety is a pressing concern for fishermen in the vibrant and diverse region of the Caribbean. The state of safety and the problems faced by Caribbean fishers are influenced by several key factors, including the lack of proper infrastructure and equipment, limited access to information and resources, and the impact of climate change on fisheries.

Limited access to safety resources

One of the major challenges faced by Caribbean fishers is the lack of access to proper safety equipment. This includes life jackets, emergency signals, and communication devices. Without these essential tools, fishers are exposed to significant risks while at sea, such as accidents, drowning, or being unable to call for help in case of emergencies. Limited access to safety equipment not only jeopardizes the lives and well-being of fishers but also hampers their ability to carry out their work effectively.

Insufficient training and awareness programs

Another critical factor contributing to the state of safety among Caribbean fishers is the lack of proper training and education on maritime safety practices. Many fishers in the region have not received adequate training on navigation techniques, weather patterns, or emergency protocols. This knowledge gap increases their vulnerability to accidents, hazardous weather conditions, and other dangers associated with their profession. Inadequate training also limits their ability to respond effectively in emergency situations, further compounding the risks they face.

Weather-related challenges

Caribbean fishers are increasingly facing challenges due to the impact of climate change. Rising sea temperatures, unpredictable weather patterns, and extreme weather events pose significant threats to their safety. Fishers often have to contend with stronger storms, sudden changes in wind patterns, and rougher seas – all of which can increase the likelihood of accidents or damage to their vessels. Climate change also affects fish populations and disrupts traditional fishing grounds, leading to economic hardships for fishers who rely on a stable and predictable ecosystem.
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Our Commitment in the Caribbean

FISH Safety Foundation is actively working in the Caribbean to enhance the safety of fishers in the region

We are actively collaborating with local fishing communities, governments, and industry stakeholders to establish safety regulations and standards. We advocate for improved safety practices, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), proper vessel maintenance, and adherence to safety protocols.

The foundation also plays a vital role in educating fishers about potential hazards they may encounter during their work. They raise awareness about weather conditions, sea patterns, and other risk factors that can jeopardize the safety of fishers at sea. By providing this crucial information, they empower fishers to make informed decisions and take necessary precautions to ensure their own well-being.

Featured Work

We are dedicated to fostering collaboration in the Caribbean to enhance fishing safety and promote sustainable development in the industry

Empowering St. Lucia's Fishers: Building Capacity for Sustainable Growth

The capacity building for fishers in St. Lucia project by FISH Safety Foundation aims to empower local fishers with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their safety practices at sea.
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The foundation conducts research to identify emerging safety issues within the fishing industry. We have the ability through our FISHER trial in St Lucia to analyse data on accidents and incidents and develop strategies for preventing future mishaps. Through our findings, we provide valuable insights that inform industry on effective safety measures.

Overall, the FISH Safety Foundation is actively working towards creating a safer environment for fishers in the Caribbean. Our efforts encompass training programs, advocacy for improved safety standards, education on potential hazards, and research to address emerging challenges. By prioritising the well-being of fishers and promoting a culture of safety, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those who work at sea.

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Derek Archer
Associate - Caribbean
Derek Archer is a dedicated associate of the FISH Safety Foundation with a strong focus on supporting the organization's initiatives in the Caribbean. With his extensive knowledge and experience in safety practices, Derek plays a vital role in promoting and implementing various safety programs in the region.

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