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Our goal
To assist with the development, design and drafting of new legislation to support and improve the wellbeing of fishers and their communities.
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Delivering Comprehensive Legislation Review for Existing and New Legislation Across Countries

Through our capacity building initiatives, we empower fishermen by providing them with the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools to ensure safe working environments, efficient operations, and effective emergency preparedness.

By fostering a culture of safety and continuous learning, the FISH Safety Foundation is dedicated to creating a sustainable future for the fishing community.


A comprehensive legislation review service to ensure that organisations are up-to-date with existing and new legislation in various countries includes:

  • Thorough analysis of current legislation in specific countries
  • Regular updates on any changes or new regulations
  • Customised reports tailored to your needs
  • Expert guidance on compliance requirements and best practices

With our legislation review service, organisations can stay informed and ensure they are operating within the legal framework of their market.

Featured Work

We are committed to working with countries with legislation review outcomes.

Empowering St. Lucia's Fishers: Building Capacity for Sustainable Growth

The capacity building for fishers in St. Lucia project by FISH Safety Foundation aims to empower local fishers with the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance their safety practices at sea.
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