The result of over 20 years of work, training and research within the maritime sector.

FISH Safety Foundation

The FISH Safety Foundation is the result of over 20 years of work, training and research within the maritime sector. As a Registered Charitable Trust, our sole focus is directed towards improving health and safety outcomes in Fishing.

The Foundation is an independent non-profit organisation engaged in safety promotion, research, advocacy, education, lobbying and publishing services. We are dedicated to improving health & safety standards in the global Fishing Industry – an industry recognised as the most hazardous in the World.

When we talk of safety, we mean safety from work-related physical harm or death, safety from preventable illness and disease, and safety from exploitation – very simply, safety from the abuse of basic human rights, whatever form that takes.

Despite the increasing focus on safety over recent years, there has been– until now- a lack of coordinated effort in safety promotion within the fishing industry on an international level. By acting as an Industry voice, the FISH Safety Foundation allows for a synergistic approach to combating industry statistics.


Objectives & Purpose

  • Promoting a culture of Safety within all aspects of fishing.
  • Undertaking focussed research in an effort to provide practical and useable knowledge.
  • Keeping the community informed with the latest news, developments, guidelines and protocols.
  • Providing Health and Safety training and consultancy services, with practical help, advice and support.
  • Encouraging the discussion of views, experiences, and procedures between everyone within the community in an effort to develop best practice protocols.

Meet the Team

A dedicated team with experience and passion for improving Health and Safety

Our Initiatives

Our initiatives promote partnership solutions to global health and safety challenges

Consultancy Services

Courses in Human Factors, Risk & Safety Management and Accident Investigation


Ensuring our voice is heard through Safety Resources and eLearning material