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The state of North African fishermen is a matter of concern, as their profession often exposes them to significant dangers. These brave individuals face numerous challenges while navigating the treacherous waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
African fishermen unloading the day's catch of fish, Mauritania


From unpredictable weather conditions to encounters with pirates and smugglers, their lives are constantly at risk. Additionally, the depletion of fish stocks due to overfishing and environmental degradation further exacerbates their struggles. Despite these hardships, North African fishermen continue to play a vital role in their local communities, providing a source of livelihood and contributing to the cultural heritage of the region.

Declining Fish Stocks in North African Waters

The state of fishing in North Africa has been a cause for concern in recent years, with declining fish stocks being a major issue. Overfishing, illegal fishing practices, and the impact of climate change have all contributed to this alarming situation. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the total fish production in North Africa has decreased by 20% over the past decade (FAO, 2020). This decline not only threatens the livelihoods of local fishermen but also poses a significant risk to food security in the region.

Fishing Practices and Consequences

Unsustainable fishing practices have played a significant role in the deteriorating state of North African fishing. The use of destructive fishing methods such as bottom trawling and dynamite fishing has led to the destruction of marine habitats and the depletion of fish populations. Additionally, illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing activities continue to undermine efforts to conserve fish stocks. A study conducted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) revealed that IUU fishing accounts for approximately 25% of total fish catches in North African waters (WWF, 2019). These unsustainable practices not only harm marine ecosystems but also threaten the long-term viability of the fishing industry.

Climate Change and its Impact on Fisheries

Climate change is another significant factor affecting the state of North African fishing. Rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, and changing currents have disrupted marine ecosystems and altered fish migration patterns. This has resulted in shifts in the distribution and abundance of fish species, making it more challenging for fishermen to catch their target species. A study published in Nature Climate Change found that climate change could lead to a decline in fish catches by up to 30% in North African waters by 2050 (Cheung et al., 2016). Adapting to these changing conditions and implementing sustainable fishing practices are crucial for the future of North African fisheries.

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Two fishermen prepare to go fishing on the shores of Zanzibar

FISH Safety Foundation is on the ground collaborating closely with local authorities and communities to raise awareness about the risks North African fishermen are facing. The foundation believes by fostering a culture of safety and promoting effective communication channels, we aim to ensure that North African fishermen can carry out their work while minimising the inherent dangers they face.


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Mahad Ahmed is our invaluable associate serving as our dedicated representative in North Africa. With his extensive knowledge of the region and strong commitment to safety, he plays a crucial role in promoting our mission and ensuring the well-being of those involved in the fishing industry.
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