Mahad Ahmed

Associate - Somaliland


Mahad holds a Masters in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid at Kalu Institute Spain, Almeria and a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration at Admas University, Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Mahad has over 6 years of experience in fisheries development projects funded by the EU in Somaliland where he supported the fishing community of four coastal villages and one in the land fish market under the implementation of the EU project. He is currently working for the European Union capacity building mission in Somaliland with support to increase Somaliland coast as Somaliland’s Coast Guard Coordinator. With the support to increase the capability of Somaliland coast guard towards maritime security, Search and Rescue training at sea. Support proper implementation of coast guard functions to wards IUU fishing.

Mahad is also the Founder Links for Blue Economy “Consulting and Training Company” that provides technical advice and support to the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development of Somaliland , fisher folk and other fisheries stakeholders in the development and implementation of effective fisheries management, research and networking arrangements to support sustainable development and management of coastal fisheries.

Mahad has attended several trainings including advanced Financial Management, Auditing and Grants Management for Donor Funded Project held by African School of Project Management, Nairobi Kenya and Value Chain Development Projects for Fisheries Funded by: DANIDA, DFID and WORLD BANK.

Mahad is a learner who constantly scans the environment for new ideas, opportunities, tools and solutions and reflects on their implications and significance both within and without the humanitarian contexts.

Mahad is one of very few professional personnel working in maritime and fisheries development in Somaliland.

Kapiti Island, New Zealand
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