Peter Williams

Head of Technology


Peter Williams, Head of Technology, possesses a diverse range of skills that combine Educational, Technical, Design and Entrepreneurial expertise. A Postgraduate with Honours and holder of two degrees, a B.Sc in Computer Science and a B.Com in Information Systems, eCommerce and Management and Entrepreneurial skills by starting his own technology business, Williams Digital, while at University, Peter has a proven and successful professional track record. By continually supporting and growing many New Zealand businesses and individuals, he is an invaluable member on any development team.

Peter’s approach to technology and digital prowess is characterised by a strong focus on practicality. His solutions are not only innovative but also implementable. His analytical approach enables him to critically assess situations methodically bringing a secure data driven approach to decision making. Digital technological solutions are therefore well-researched and strategic.

As Head of Technology at FISH Safety Foundation (FSF), Peter is dedicated to leveraging his skills and experience to drive innovation and efficiency in the organisation’s technical operations.

  • Technical lead for eLearning apps featured on the Fisheries and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) Italy eLearning Academy. These apps aim to facilitate learning and knowledge providing educational resources to support the FAO’s mission worldwide.
  • Conducted research and managed Technical Feasibility studies on Technology for Lloyds Register Foundation (LRF) London to analyse and evaluate technological solutions ensuring their practicality and effectiveness.
  • Lead the development of a Reporting App utilising Artificial Intelligence technology to enable users to verbally submit reports in their own language/dialects efficiently and effectively on both Android and IOS platforms.

Peter is committed to utilising technology as an enabler for safety indicatives, by fostering collaboration among team leaders both in New Zealand and overseas, team members and a diverse client range to promote a culture of continuous improvement. His innovative yet practical solutions improve information exchange, collaboration and efficiency.

Kapiti Island, New Zealand
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