Sam Willis

Research Lead


Having grown up observing her Dads constant talks of ‘safety at sea,’ the values behind the FISH Safety Foundation have been firmly entrenched within Sam from a young age. After completing studies in Exercise Science, Sam got hit by the travel bug and began working as a personal trainer on a cruise ship based in Puerto Rico. It was here that she realised that she did in fact, share her father’s love of the ocean. Unfortunately her adventures where cut short when she suffered an injury and returned home to New Zealand, and began working in the Natural Health sector. The next few years were spent developing her management and administration skills, and continuing her studies into health and wellness, this time with a holistic focus.

Now, after a short hiatus to have children, Sam has joined forces with Eric to allow for the further development of the Foundation. She directs her knowledge towards new industry specific research – in an effort to promote a better understanding of the long term effects of life at sea. Sam lives on the Kapiti Coast, New Zealand with her partner and two young sons, Max and Zac.

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Triggering Death - Quantifying The True Human Cost of Global Fishing

Triggering Death sheds light on the alarming number of fatalities caused by in the fishing industry. This comprehensive study emphasises the need for more data to prevent future tragedies and protect the lives of fishermen worldwide.
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Kapiti Island, New Zealand
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